İstanbul, Turkey

Olympic Committee of Turkey

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc., - Compenon Bernard SGE - SAE International (France) J.V.

December 1998

September 2001

İstanbul Atatürk Olympic Stadium, another state of the art project successfully accomplished by Tekfen, is designed for 80,000 spectators.

The turnkey project’s scope also covers maintenance and management services undertaken by the contractors for a period of one year.

The architects of the complex are Michel Macari and Aymeric Zublena, who had previously designed Stade de France / Paris to host 1998 World Football Championship.

İstanbul Atatürk Olympic Stadium, an assertive project to support the City’s Olympic goal, has been built with the highest international safety and construction standards.

The Stadium’s two State of the Art Steel Roofs (2,800 t and 1,300 t) were produced by Tekfen’s Steel Structure Fabrication Plant at Ceyhan, Adana. The west roof, designed in the form of a crescent and principally composed of a 1,000 t main beam called mega-truss, is supported by two reinforced concrete shafts with 196 m span.

With its 134 entrances and 148 exit gates, the Olympic Stadium allows 80,000 to evacuate within 7.5 minutes, in case of any emergency. Two annex (warm up / training) fields are connected directly to the Olympic Stadium with an underground tunnel.

The Olympic Stadium’s superior technical infrastructure and design ensure perfect visibility from all stands; a homogeneous sound level (102 decibels) with the most modern speaker systems and 1,400 lux illuminations at every single point.

42,200 m2 commercial and service / facility center is situated under the west roof with a frontage of 450 m and 6 floors (3 below ground).

Tekfen Engineering provided the execution design of all Civil Works for main stadium blocks, annex stadium and training stadium, two supporting pylons of the main roof truss, pre-stressed and precast concrete elements, underground gallery and network.

Preparation of steel shop drawings and lifting studies for erection purposes for the 4,500 tons steel work of the Roof Structure was also provided by Tekfen Engineering.


  • Excavation & Backfilling: 3,700,000 m3
  • Micropiles: 2,240 units
  • Concrete (cast in-situ): 60,000 m3
  • Concrete (precast): 11,000 m3
  • Reinforcement: 7,400 t
  • Prestressing & Cable Stays: 40 t
  • Steel Structures: 5,400 t
  • Roofing & Cladding: 52,000 m2
  • Pavement: 90,000 m2