İstanbul, Turkey

İstanbul Greater Metropolitan Municipality

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

April 1993

September 2000

The project comprises of the construction of 2 x 3.5 km long metro tunnels parallel to each other and 3 station buildings on route between Şişli and 4. Levent regions of İstanbul. The tunnels, built 30 m below ground level, are 6.3 m high and 6.2 m wide.

3,200 m section of the metro tunnels is constructed using New Austrian Method while Cut and Cover Method with reinforced concrete box cross-section is applied for the remaining 200 m section.

Two of the constructed stations are 235 m long, 24 m wide and 28 m deep; each station comprises of 3 levels whereas 4. Levent is constructed as a tunnel type station.

Tekfen Engineering provided both basic and detailed engineering services including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering for all of the work items.


  • Anchor: 230,000 m (60 t pull)
  • Tunnel Excavation: 356,372 m3
  • Station Excavation: 523,645 m3
  • Reinforced Concrete: 228,767 m3
  • Shotcrete: 202,000 m2
  • Reinforcing Steel: 15,000 t
  • Steel Mesh: 1,829 t
  • Steel Rip: 1,781 t
  • Tunnel Concrete Mould: 8,054 m
  • Shutter for the Stations (F1 & F2): 89,581 m2 and
    149,679 m2
  • Forepoling: 44,680 m
  • Rock Anchor Bolt: 50,615 m
  • Self Drilling Injection Bolt: 1,236 m
  • Swelex: 3,353 m