İzmit, Turkey

TÜPRAŞ, Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co., Inc.

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. - Snamprogetti SpA (Italy) Consortium

September 1993

May 1996

Since its foundation in 1957, Tekfen has become a leading name in the hydrocarbon industry both in Turkey and abroad. Tekfen has participated in the construction and upgrading of five refineries and three petrochemical complexes in Turkey at various capacities from de-bottlenecking to off-site piping, from instrumentation to complete unit erection works.

Unicracker and Associated Units including Continuous Catalyst Regenerator (CCR) (İzmit Refinery) is among the major accomplishments of Tekfen in this field. The main purpose of the project is erecting a new Unicracker Unit and introducing Continuous Catalyst Regenerator Unit to the existing 3rd reformer unit.

The project was overtaken by Tekfen - Snamprogetti Consortium on turnkey basis.

The Unicracker introduces a new technology, in processing the Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil (HVGO) to obtain jet fuel, high standard gasoline, gasoil and LPG.

Introduction of a Continuous Catalyst Regenerator (CCR) unit to the existing 3rd reformer unit, serves to increase the productivity of the unit by shortening catalyst regeneration time while upgrading the octane of gasoline from 96 to 101.

The units within the project scope are:

  • Unicracking Unit: Reactor Section
  • Unicracking Unit: Fractionation Section
  • Hydrogen Unit
  • New Gas DEA Unit
  • Sulfhur Recovery Unit (SRU)
  • Tail Gas Treatment Unit (TGTU)
  • CCR (Existing & New)
  • Cooling Water Tower
  • New Flare Unit
  • Compressed Air System
  • Turbogenerator and II KV System
  • Interconnecting
  • Sports Hall

Tekfen Engineering scope is as follows:

  • Detailed design and application drawings of complete infrastructure, drainage, soil investigation, excavation, tank foundations, tank dikes, reinforced concrete chimney (H = 110 m), road crossing, waste water drainage system, storm water (with oil, other chemicals and acids) drainage system, concrete roads.
  • Complete fire protection system, HVAC system and telecommunication.
  • Architectural and civil design of all buildings.
  • Detailed design of all reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Shop drawings of all steelwork.


  • Piling: 1,250 m
  • Reinforced Concrete: 26,000 m3
  • Piping: 4,500 t
  • Steel Structures: 3,000 t
  • Equipment Erection: 8,000 t
  • Electrical Cables: 331,000 m
  • Instrument Cables: 200,000 m
  • Pipe Insulation: 76,650 m2
  • Equipment Insulation 6,250 m2
  • Painting: 126,000 m2
  • Fire Proofing: 1,250 m3