Al Khufra - Tazerbo, Libya

The Great Man Made River Authority of Libya (GMMRA)

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc. - TML J.V.

January 2008

May 2010

In 1953, the search for the new oilfields in the deserts of southern Libya led to the discovery not only of significant oil reserves, but also vast quantities of fresh water trapped in the underlying strata. The majority of this water was accumulated around 38.000 to 14.000 years ago, though some aquifers are only 7.000 years old. Al Khufra basin, lying in the south east of Libya, near the Egyptian border, covers an area of 350.000 km2, with an aquifer formation over 2.000 m deep.

GMMRA - The Great Man Made River Authority of Libya awarded one of the most challenging sections of Libya’s mega water transmission scheme to Tekfen - TML partnership in 2005: Construction of 380 km Al Khufra - Tazerbo Water Conveyance System.

Free issue post-tensioned concrete pipes, each with a length of 7,5 m, a diameter of 4 m and a weigh of 72 t, are to be transported and erected in the harsh conditions of Sahara Desert.

The source of the water is the Nubian Aquifer (a geological formation extending from Western Cameroon to Eastern Palestine) in the south - east part of Libya. The project is part of a multinational scheme monitored and supported by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), an organization under United Nations.

Tekfen Engineering scope was to prepare the construction drawings for the following work items:

  • Flow Control Stations 1-2
  • Regulating Station 1-2
  • Regulating Stations 1-2 - Overflow Structures
  • Feed Tank Turn-out
  • Appurtenant structures (1800mm, 2400mm dia and 3000mm dia access chambers, and blow off/orifice plate chambers and outfall structures
  • Flow meter chambers
  • Block Valve chambers
  • Kufra Tie-in facility - Thrust Block and Block Valve Chambers
  • Kufra Tie-in facility - Pressure relief station, stilling basin and spillway
  • Horizontal thrust blocks


  • Number of Pipes: 51,080
  • Concrete Works: 23,900 m3
  • Reinforcement Steel: 22,800 t
  • Insulation Works: 140,000 m2
  • Pre-excavation of Pipeline Route: 2,100,000 m3
  • Trench Excavation: 21,750,000 m3
  • Number of manholes for Pipeline: 854