Saudi Arabia

SWCC, Saline Water Conversion Corporation

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

May 1997

May 2001

SWCC operates a 50 MIGD desalination plant at Al-Aziziyah and related Pipeline system to supply the cities of Al-Khobar, Dhahran, Dammam, Sayhat, Qatif, Safwa and Ras Tanurah with potable (desalinated) water.

Existing Pipeline system consist of One Pumping Station, four pipelines with dia. of 1100 mm. (main trunk 1+2) and 1000 mm. (main trunk 3+4), seven blending stations with deep wells.

SWCC constructs a new desalination plant with a capacity of 60 MIGD to meet the demand for drinking water in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

A new two pipeline systems with a total capacity of 90 MIGD shall be implemented, and seven blending stations shall be upgraded. Total pipeline length is 130 km. The Diameter changes between 24 and 60 inches.

Seven Line Valve stations and twelve surge tanks (1100m3/ea) shall be installed. Existing SCADA and control systems shall be taken over and integrated into the new SCADA and control system.

Tekfen Engineering carried out the engineering works for the following:

  • Preparation of pipeline alignment sheets
  • Pipeline line-road, highway, railway crossing drawings
  • Detail civil drawings for drain pits, air vent pits, cathodic protection, fiber-optic cabling, electrical &instrumentation and piping works.
  • Detail and application drawings of complete architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation of infrastructures, extension of pump hall/electrical building, new control building, transformer substation, Line Valve Shafts, new inlet valve shafts in the Blending Stations
  • Foundation drawings for main pumping sets and surge tanks.
  • Piping Layouts and isometric drawings
  • HVAC system drawings
  • Cable trench layouts, cable schedules, cable calculations for power, lighting, instrument
  • Lighting calculations and layouts
  • Grounding calculations and layouts
  • Termination, Interconnection and interface drawings between electrical & instrumentation equipment
  • Closed loop and hook-up drawings
  • Technical Coordination between disciplines and vendor drawings
  • As-built drawings