Saudi Arabia

SWCC, Saline Water Conversion Corporation

Tekfen Construction and Installation Co., Inc.

November 1985

November 1989

Line-C is one of the major water transmission system projects successfully accomplished in Saudi Arabia by Tekfen.

The purpose of the project was to supply potable water from Al Jubail Desalination Plant to Riyadh High Point Terminal.

Line-C Pipeline Project was one of the 4 phases constituting the Water Supply System; Tekfen’s responsibility covered construction of 60” x 389 km pipeline, pump stations and an underground reservoir system.

The project consists of 389 km, 60” diameter steel pipeline system with 4 pumping stations, a delivery terminal and a storage reservoir system of 6 x 60.000 m3 underground concrete tanks. Line pipe materials are API X-52 and X-60 with wall thicknesses ranging between 14,27 mm and 17,48 mm. Interior of the pipeline is lined with 14 - 16 mm cement mortar layer and exterior is coated with 6 mm polyethylene.

Design flow rate of the pipeline system is 4,4 m3 / sec, which gives and average daily throughput of 380.000 m3.

Water has to be pumped from the Desalination Plant, located at sea level, to 700 m elevation at Riyadh High Point Terminal. For this purpose 4 pump stations are used, each delivering in the range of 40 to 55 bars dynamic pressure with 20 - 30 MW installed capacity.

Operation of the system is designed to be automatically controlled by telemetering with computer back up from the center at Al Jubail.

All detailed engineering, construction planning and cost estimates were carried by Tekfen Engineering including the following:

  • Hydraulic design verification of the pipeline system,
  • Pipeline strength calculations and verification of pipe wall thickness distribution,
  • Optimization of route and right-of-way,
  • Detailed design of all crossings,
  • Detailed design of Cathodic Protection System,
  • Preparation and implementation of the Hydrostatic Test Procedure.